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Super Bowl, Super Brain

I’ve got no horse in the race called the Super Bowl coming up this weekend.  My childhood hometown team the Cleveland Brown’s is a pathetic excuse for a franchise right now.   My adulthood hometown, Los Angeles, has no team.  And my adopted team, the Patriots missed making the “Big Game” this year. Because I am […]

JAG takes Manhattan

This past weekend, approximately two dozen of JAG’s competitive team athletes travelled to New York City to participate in the Manhattan Classic. Travel meets are an interesting dilemma.  They are expensive to attend (and there are plenty of good meets locally where the girls could go to compete).  Travel is hard on the coaches who […]

Put Away Your Hammer

As a gymnastics professional, I know that developing an athlete’s flexibility is essential in the development of a successful gymnast.  Without flexibility, not only a gymnast is unable to execute certain skills, she also is considerably more likely to become injured.   As a result, having a supple body is an important key to an athlete’s […]

Want your daughter to succeed in science? Get her in the gym!

My 17 year-old daughter Carissa loves science and wants to be a pediatric neurosurgeon someday.  Her younger gymnastics teammate, 10 year-old Jackie loves science as well and aspires to be a chemist.  Last weekend, they spent a few hours of teammate bonding mixing things up with Jackie’s brand new chemistry set. Not only does this […]

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

Here is a wonderful way to begin the discussion about diversity with young kids. For more tips, check out

The Messy Middle

Many things are easy in the beginning.  For instance, if you have ever tried to lose weight, most likely you know that you tend to lose a significant amount in the first week or two, and then things slow down.   The start of college is really exciting but after a few weeks, the thrill wears […]

Should Your Children Make Resolutions?

After my last blog post, I was curious what the most popular New Year’s resolutions were.  Luckily with the help of my friend Google and lovely folks at Statistics Brain I did not have to wait very long. The top ten New Year’s resolutions for 2014 are: Lose Weight Getting Organized Spend Less, Save More […]

A Blank Sheet of Paper

I hate New Year’s Eve.  I cannot wait for the clock to strike midnight. But I love New Year’s Day. There is something about the “blank sheet of paper” feel of the beginning of the New Year that motivates me to take stock of my life and think about how I want the coming year […]

Why I Opened JAG

No, I didn’t open a gym so I could wear sweatpants and a ponytail to work…well, not entirely anyway. As a child, the gym in which I grew up was a home away from home for me.  I realize how cliché that is, and it is, but nevertheless, each day I walked through the doors […]