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The Wisdom of the Fortune Cookie

“I got a fortune cookie that said, ‘To remember is to understand.’ I have never forgotten it. A good judge remembers what it was like to be a lawyer. A good editor remembers being a writer. A good parent remembers what it was like to be a child.” -Anna Quindlen, writer Back in the day… […]

Why do you…

With those three words my shoulders instantly come up to my ears. Why do you… almost never has something wonderful follow it and almost always has something critical at its core. Why do you always leave your towel on the floor? Why do you never remember to put gas in the car? Why do you […]

10 Things I Want Athletes to Understand about Success

What do you picture when you think about success in sports? Crossing the finish line? Standing on top of the podium? Holding the championship trophy? Success, especially in sports, is a word that evokes images of awards, prestige and recognition.  And yet, few would argue that at the heart of it success is not just […]


  In honor of International Happiness Day, JAG put together this video! Enjoy!

Do Hard Things

Don’t you hate it when you burst into tears on your morning walk? Me too. Last week, on Sunday a gorgeous 75-degree southern California morning, I was taking my routine walk to get my morning fix of caffeine at my local Starbucks when I stumbled upon the LA Marathon that runs right through my neighborhood […]

Zoe, the Champion

Winning is so much fun! And this past weekend, JAG Gym kids had an awful lot of that fun… Thirty times individual JAG athletes took the gold, standing at the top spot of the podium. 94 other times JAG kiddos were on either the silver or bronze spot.  (That equals 124 medals  for those playing […]

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Lessons from St. Paul, Minnesota

  State Championships. Wrestling.  Pinned. Sportsmanship. In direct contrast to yesterday’s blog about the lack of sportsmanship in youth sports, this story from the high school state wrestling championship in Minnesota demonstrates all that is right in youth sports. Mitchell McKee, a 120-pound sophomore, pinned his opponent, Malik Stewart to win the state title.  This […]

Lessons from Independence, Iowa

  Whining. Name calling. Harassing phone calls. Bullying. Social media attacks. Threats of fistfights. Sounds like problems of many high schools, right? And Independence, Iowa is no different. But here’s the twist: The problems are not with the children, rather they are with the adults. Five coaches of the girls’ basketball team at Independence High […]

Banning Bossy

    “Hello Carissa, This is our younger self.” This is the beginning of a letter my daughter Carissa received as she was beginning the 12th grade.  Her 3rd grade self had an assignment to write her 12th grade self.  The letter arrived during the fall of her senior year, right in the middle of […]