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The Fast Green Tigers: A Preschool Soccer Experience

When my daughter Samara was 4 years old, I signed her up for soccer. Okay, to be entirely honest, I bribed her into signing up for soccer by promising her that she would get new shoes. You see, Samara was (well, still is) an incredible shoe addict. When most kids would cry because they could […]

How Math, Physics and Japanese Philosophy Helps You Get Things Done

Five birds are sitting on a wire. Three decide to fly south. How many are left? Did you get two? Yeah, I did too the first time I heard this riddle. The answer, however, is five. Now, before you jump to the conclusion that this word problem is one of those Common Core math questions […]

Dreams Up in Smoke

“Don’t panic, but…” These are not three words you ever want to hear. Let’s face it. Nothing good is coming after the “but.” No one calls to say: “Don’t panic, but you were upgraded from the middle seat in coach to first class.” Or “Don’t panic, but the kids cleaned the entire house.” (Ok, I […]

Anne’s blog is now on The Huffington Post!

Anne’s blog is now on The Huffington Post!   Please consider going there and liking the blog page!  Please and thank you! 

Can We Just Clone this parent?

Just read this email from a parent of one of our gymnasts, and then please let me know how this whole cloning thing works because we need to get on it. Here it goes (the names have been changed to protect the awesome): Hi Coach “Bob,” “Susie” and I have discussed her attitude in class. […]

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Syndrome

If you give a writer a blank screen, she’s going to start to surf the web. And while she is surfing the web, she will buy some new shoes from the Nordstrom sale. Then she will want a new dress to go with the shoes. When she finds the dress she likes, she might notice […]

The Rat Race: An Open Letter to Competitive Parents, from the Parent who Concedes

Dear fellow parents, I am writing to you because I give up. Your child is better than mine. You win. I am throwing in the cards. I will no longer play the game of competitive parenting. I’ll admit it. I am a little scared. What if by quitting the competitive parent game I am dooming my […]

The Person I Mean to Be

So, today’s blog post was supposed to be on willpower as a follow up to Monday’s post The Call of the Cupcake. And guess what? I lack the willpower to write it. Shocking, I know. (There really ought to be an agreed upon sarcasm font…) So as I sit here, staring at my blank-ish computer […]

The Call of the Cupcake

I want a cupcake. A chocolate one. A chocolate one from Susie Cakes to be exact. I want a chocolate cupcake so badly that I am having trouble focusing on the work in front of me because I keep thinking about the damn cupcake. I can walk to Susie Cakes from my house in under […]