Can We Just Clone this parent?


Just read this email from a parent of one of our gymnasts, and then please let me know how this whole cloning thing works because we need to get on it.

Here it goes (the names have been changed to protect the awesome):

Hi Coach “Bob,”

“Susie” and I have discussed her attitude in class. I believe that advancing to the next level should be as much about good sportsmanship as technical proficiency.  So, I told her that she needs to remain in your “lower level class” for a couple of more classes to demonstrate that she can follow directions and be a good team player.  Please let me know how she progresses and feel free to contact me with any other concerns.

Thank you for being patient with “Susie” as she matures into being a better athlete.  I know she really enjoys gymnastics and your class.


Best. Parent. Ever.

Ok, fine. “Susie’s” mom didn’t sign her email “Best. Parent. Ever.” But I am pretty sure I speak for all teachers and coaches when I say that I really do think we should enter her into the contest.