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What High School Chemistry Taught Me About Dealing with People Who are Upset

There is very little I remember about high school chemistry. Now, in fairness, this is not a cause of great concern because I learned very little to begin with, so there wasn’t much to forget. As I liked to remind my chemistry teacher, “I am never going to use this in my real life.” (Ok, […]

What Nemo, Churchill, FDR and Beyonce the Giant Rooster Taught Me about Fighting Depression

“Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.  Swimming.  Swimming.  Swimming.  Swimming.” is a mantra that I often repeat to myself when I am struggling.  (Well, actually I sing it to myself.   And thankfully for the rest of you I do so in my head as my singing aloud could be mistaken for a wounded […]

Your Actions are so Loud, I Can Barely Hear Your Words…And Eight Ways to Fix That

  Parents: Do you want to raise moral kids? Teachers: Do you care about what kind of people your students grow up to be? Of course you do.  Ask any parent if they want to raise moral kids or any teacher if they want the kids they work with to be awesome people, and the […]

One Coach’s Genius Response to a Rude Parent

One Coach’s Genius Response to a Rude Parent Best.  Rule.  Ever. If someone makes a snarky or rude comment about a player on this youth sports team, that person’s kid is suspended for the next game. Unfair? No, the rule is clearly stated.  If you want to be the jackass who demoralizes children then your special […]

10 Quotes That Shape My Ideas About Success

10. It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.  –Ann Landers Think about success as a series of skills, not a destination. Teaching your children (and having for yourself) skills like perseverance, having a growth mindset, being […]

Everybody’s got plans…until they get hit.

“Everybody’s got plans…until they get hit,” are the wise words of Mike Tyson, the former undisputed world champion heavyweight boxer. Tyson spoke this now famous quote in reference to reporters asking him how he planned to handle an upcoming opponent in a boxing match. Yet, this quote has wisdom that extends well beyond boxing making […]

Does Being Vulnerable Make Me a Sucker?

Vulnerable. I hate this word. And I suspect most of you do as well. By its very definition being vulnerable means being capable or susceptible to being hurt. It means that we are open to attack, criticism or assault. It means we are in a position that is difficult to defend. Put the word vulnerable […]

I Didn’t Say He Stole My Money

Read the following sentence, emphasizing the bolded word. I didn’t say he stole my money. I didn’t say he stole my money. I didn’t say he stole my money. I didn’t say he stole my money. I didn’t say he stole my money. I didn’t say he stole my money. I didn’t say he stole […]

Not Winning? Then Change The Rules!

“What’s the score? What’s the score?” I pestered. You see, we were heading into the final hole of the miniature golf game, and I needed to know what score I was shooting for in order to win. (Yes, even at seven, I was fiercely competitive.) I was also, fiercely out of my league. Playing with […]

Your Child is Special…Just Like Everyone Else’s

  My number one rule of coping with parents who are over zealous is this: you cannot blame people for feeling irrational when it comes to their child, they love them too much to feel any other way. I get it. I am a parent, too. I feel (disproportionate) sadness when one of my daughters […]