One Coach’s Genius Response to a Rude Parent

One Coach’s Genius Response to a Rude Parent

Best.  Rule.  Ever.

If someone makes a snarky or rude comment about a player on this youth sports team, that person’s kid is suspended for the next game.


No, the rule is clearly stated.  If you want to be the jackass who demoralizes children then your special snowflake will get to have a game off.

Too harsh?

Again, no.  What is harsh is an 11 year-old child being chided by an adult for her play during a game.  Play.  Game.  They are playing a game and there are adults yelling in their outside their heads voices at them.


I think so.  If it spares one child the indignity of a parent screaming nasty comments during a game, then I say bravo!

My question is: what if the person is screaming at their own child?  Perhaps we then give the adult the rest of the season off?  Just a thought.