Letting it Go


Confession:  I have never seen the movie Frozen.

My apologies to all of those parents who want to throw their children’s Happy Meal toys at my head.  Hard.

But before plastic Elsa comes whizzing my way, please know this: I did my time.  I am fairly certain I can recite most of Beauty and the Beast from beginning to end. For sure, the entire script from The Wizard of Oz is written in indelibly into my psyche (“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?  Who? Me? I am not a witch at all.  I am Dorothy Gale from Kansas.”) And seriously, don’t get me started on Barney whose catchy little tunes still get stuck in my head to this very day…like I said, time served for me.

But even I, who after raising four girls has generally avoided all things “kids movies” since my youngest turned 12 (exception: anything Pixar because those folks are geniuses), could not escape the hit song from the film Frozen “Let it Go.”

Let’s face it, unless you are living under a rock, you too can likely hum along with the catchy tune and belt out the refrain. From the countless YouTube versions of the song (my favorite is the one that went through Google Translate several times) to the numerous times children randomly break into song, “Let it Go” doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Another confession: I really like the song.

I might have even downloaded it on my iTunes.  Go ahead and judge me.  You know why?  Because I will just let it go.

You see, while I am not sure what the context of the song is in the film (and to be honest I am not particularly interested in knowing what it is) the song has taken on a sort of anthem in my life.  To, not surprisingly, let it go.

A series of events over the past few months has led to me feeling betrayed, angry and resentful. But as William Walton said, “To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee.” So, bee, I am letting you go. Besides, as Oscar Wilde said, “Always forgive your enemies—nothing annoys them so much.”

There is a good reason why hanging on to regret, anger and resentment is called baggage.  It’s burdensome stuff that we drag through life.  But even worse than schlepping baggage on a long trip, these bags hold nothing we can possible wear. It’s like taking a suitcase of heavy boots and jackets, none of which are our size, to a beach vacation. These bags are filed with “clothes” that no longer fit, are not in style or never flattered us to begin with.  Think of how much easier it would be to travel through life without these useless items.

So I am letting it go, because I don’t care what they are going to say…besides, the cold never bothered me anyway.