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6 Things for Which I am Thankful, a Thanksgiving Post

My family. Yes, it’s cliché, but I am grateful for my family, both those who are related to me biologically and those with whom I don’t share DNA but are family nonetheless.   You see me at my positively worst and still manage to love me. You make me want to be a better person everyday. […]

Things For Which We Are Grateful: Gymnast, Coach and Parent Perspectives

It is the week of Thanksgiving and there is so much for which we can all be thankful. Here are a few items of gratitude from the perspectives of gymnasts, coaches and parents. Gymnasts’ List of Gratitude: Your wise coaches: And loyal teammates: Your chauffeurs (aka parents): When a new shipment of leotards hits the proshop: When the […]

It’s NOT My Life, But It Is An AWESOME Part of My Life: 50 Things that Everyone Can Benefit From by Being a Gymnast

Earlier this week, I wrote a post called Gymnastics Is NOT Life. The premise was that gymnastics should not be the center of either gymnasts or their parents’ lives. It went on to detail ten things that I wanted everyone to consider as important when discussing how central gymnastics is to their identity. The response was […]

Gymnastics is NOT Life: 10 Things Nobody Should Give Up Because of Gymnastics

“Gymnastics is life. The rest is just details.” “Life is…Never mind. I have no life. My daughter is a gymnast.” I know these are cute slogans, designed for merchandise that gymnasts and their parents can proudly wear. Their purpose is to show their allegiance to the sport and to share a laugh with others who […]

10 Stupid Things I’ve Said to My Kids (So You Don’t Have To)

While I am aware that there is no instruction manual for parenting, I often wish that there were a series of scripts because I have said some of the stupidest things to my kids over the years. And I know that I am not alone because I have also heard some well-meaning and unintentionally destructive […]

Step Away from the Phone and Return to Practice, Please.

Cell phones. Like Pavlov’s dogs, most of us are conditioned to respond to every ping or vibration that indicates a new text, email or Facebook like. And while there are many, many benefits to having technology literally at our fingertips, there are downsides as well. And those downsides are extending to your practices coaches, as […]

It’s The Coaches Turn: “I Know That You Think You are Difficult to Coach” and Nine Other Things Coaches Want to Say to Their Fearful Gymnasts

Earlier this week I posted a blog written from the perspective of fearful gymnasts to their coaches, “I Know That I am Difficult to Coach” and Nine Other Things Fearful Gymnasts Want to Tell Their Coaches.” The response was overwhelming. Former gymnasts wrote telling me how fear drove them from the sport they loved. Coaches […]

“I Know I am Difficult to Coach” and Nine Other Things that Fearful Gymnasts Want to Their Coaches to Know

I know that I am difficult to coach. My fear makes it hard to coach me, I understand this. It makes my progress slower. It makes you feel like a less effective coach. It makes me feel like a less accomplished athlete. I worry that you don’t like me. I know that my fear is […]