Things For Which We Are Grateful: Gymnast, Coach and Parent Perspectives

It is the week of Thanksgiving and there is so much for which we can all be thankful.

Here are a few items of gratitude from the perspectives of gymnasts, coaches and parents.

Gymnasts’ List of Gratitude:

Your wise coaches:

And loyal teammates:

Your chauffeurs (aka parents):

When a new shipment of leotards hits the proshop:

When the coach forgets to assign conditioning:

When the ballet teacher is sick, so dance is cancelled:

When you finally get your kip:

The excitement of placing in the All-Around at a meet:

And when both you and your best friend made it to Nationals:

That you get to practice indoors, minus snow:

Then there wast that time when your coach said you dance like Nastia:

And, of course, that there are four days off for Thanksgiving so you can do plenty of damage on black Friday!

Coaches’ List of Gratitude:

All of your gymnasts:

And your fabulous coaching partner:

When the whole team qualified for state:

That time a parent compared you to Phil Jackson…

As well as the time when a parent compared you to Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights:

That Susie got her kip, so you avoided this conversation…

To all of the parents who brought you Starbucks to Saturday morning practice:

And for the times when you broke through one of your athlete’s mental blocks:

The joy when you discover State meet is at a location that can double as a vacation since it’s your wedding anniversary the same weekend:

Lots of great food that you actually get to eat hot, not reheated at 10pm when you get home from work:

And, of course, that there are four entire days off for Thanksgiving which will be spent eating

and sleeping!

Parents’ List of Gratitude:

Your gymnast (and that she still has fun doing the sport!):

The coaches that work so hard to keep your athlete motivated and on task:

When you were referred to as a super parent:

That time your toddler wandered out into the gym and lived to tell about it:

When your child is happy in car after practice:

And when she finally got her kip:

That her leo from last season still fits, saving you $200!

When your daughter made it to state:

And state is not the same weekend as your sister’s wedding:

When you found out a new kid just moved on to the team who lives in your neighborhood and wants to carpool:

And, of course, that there are four entire days off for Thanksgiving so you can actually relax for a minute!

May you all enjoy a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, food and free days from the gym!

Happy Thanksgiving!