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The (Very) Best Books I Read in 2014‏

Nerd alert: I love to read. I also love to listen to books.  (yeah, if you see me walking around my neighborhood with my IPod, I am not rocking out to tunes but rather listening to a book or a podcast that will likely recommend a book). While I do read some fiction, the bulk […]

Make the Ordinary Come Alive

I would not want to be a kid today. Would you? Sure, the internet and laptop computers makes homework easier.  And the invention of the DVR means that in addition to the 200 plus channels that stream into most homes, you never have to miss your favorite TV program. Nevertheless, it sometimes feels that the […]

“Hey Mom, Can You Stay to Watch My New Routine?”: And 9 Other Times Parents Should Watch Practice

Earlier this week I wrote a blog that included 10 reasons why parents should not watch practice. That said, I do not believe in banning parents from watching practice or even restricting the times where they can observe. While I understand that there are valid reasons to do so, it is a practice that leaves […]

Take a Break from the Bleachers: 10 Reasons NOT to Watch Practice

Confession: I am a recovered bleacher creature. When my kids were little, I loved to watch my daughters’ dance classes and gymnastics classes. Too much so. Sure, I rationalized my (over) involvement by telling myself that it was to far to drive home (it wasn’t), that I was just being supportive (that did not require […]

What Was Popular This Year: My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014 (Plus 5 That I Really Liked but Didn’t Make the Cut)

I have to admit: I love year end round up lists. As 2014 comes to a close, I have the opportunity to do my very own year end list! So here is my very own Best of JAG Gym Blog 2014 list ranked by number of views: 10. Gymnastics is NOT Life: 10 Things Nobody Should Give […]

You Can Call Me Scrooge: Just Say No to the Home Trampoline

Is Santa planning to place a trampoline under your tree this year? At the risk of being Scrooge, I am going to suggest that you don’t allow it. And, I am not alone. The also Scooge-like American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) “strongly discourages” the use of home trampolines. Sure, while the majority of injuries are […]

Not Trying to Be Good: What We Can Learn from Babies about Goal Setting

My goal for 2015 is not to be good. And don’t worry: my goal is not to be bad either. Instead, as I look forward to 2015, my goal is to be better. “Be good” goals are end result goals that simply serve to prove your talent or ability. For instance, winning an award or […]

CAN’T and 9 Other Words to Eliminate From Gymnasts’ Vocabulary

If I were in charge of the world, ice cream would be a health food, homes would be self–cleaning and these ten words would be eliminated from our gymnasts’ vocabulary. Can’t—Can’t means won’t.  Think about it: there are very few things one “can’t” do. Sure, you “can’t” go without oxygen for more than a few […]

Before You Hit Send, Storm out on the Floor or Switch Gyms: 10 Things to Remember When You are Angry at Your Child’s Coach or Gym Club

Take several deep breaths.  Breathing helps to keep yourself from moving into fight or flight, regulating your emotions. Check in to see if there is a real emergency. Or can it wait? Is your child in danger, so you need to pull her from practice? Or can it wait until the end of practice or […]