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You are What You Think: 10 Tips to Mental Toughness at Meets

Forget about the judges or even the other competitors. The real battle in competition isn’t them. It’s yourself. More specifically, it’s what is in your head.  There is a reason it’s called mental toughness: what you think influences how you act. Think of small, concrete and controllable goals going into each competition.  Focus on impressing […]

12 Small Gestures That Help Out Your Gymnasts’ Parents

Begin practice on time and be at meets at least 15 minutes before open warm up. Stay with any child whose parent is late (with at least one other staff member) until the parent picks up.  If it is out of character, meaning that the parent is never late, let it go.  If it is […]

Note to Self: 4 Reminders as I Head into My Daughter’s College Auditions

My youngest daughter set off on her very first college audition this past weekend.  As the trip was some 2,500 miles from our home, I accompanied her. Not unlike a gymnastics meet (think Olympic qualifications), the audition process is one that is filled with all of the excitement and anxiety that one would expect.  Depending […]

12 Small Gestures That Help Out Your Child’s Coaches

Bring your child to practice/meets on time. Pick your child up from practice/meets on time, Do not try to talk to the coach during workout/meets. Do not talk to your child during workout/meets without permission from the coach. Make sure your child is fed, hydrated, has had adequate sleep and is not sick when she […]

An Open Letter to That Mom in the Observation Area Last Week

A dear friend of mine who is a judge was sitting in the observation area of a gym club in her community. She was doing some practice judging in preparation for her upcoming judging test. Scribbling away and minding her own business (okay, not really minding her own business), she overheard a group of parents […]

12 Ways to Be a Happier Gymnast in 2015

First it was for coaches, then parents and now, last but not least: a dozen tips for gymnasts for a happier 2015: Stop comparing yourself to others. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and we all walk our own unique path. Comparing ourselves to others just robs us of our happiness. Eat more […]

12 Ways to Be a Happier Gym Parent in 2015

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog how coaches can be happier in 2015.  This one is for the parents: Enjoy watching your child’s joy in doing gymnastics, not in your child’s achievement within gymnastics. The six key words for sports parents to say: I love to watch you play. Assess your circle of gym parent […]

12 Ways to Be a Happier Coach in 2015 (Backed by Science)

  Remember that you are working in a very important and responsible job: you are influencing the next generation. You are not just a coach. You are a teacher-coach. You are not just someone who teaches kids to flip. You are someone who affects children’s lives forever. Even if it is just a stepping-stone toward […]

The Opportunity of a New Year

What are you going to do with your 365 opportunities to become a better… Parent? Coach? Judge? Gymnast? All around person? New Year’s resolutions can be both exciting, giving us a chance to become better versions of ourselves.  But they can also be overwhelming, because life changes are both difficult and tedious.  But, instead of […]