12 Small Gestures That Help Out Your Child’s Coaches

staff coach

  1. Bring your child to practice/meets on time.
  2. Pick your child up from practice/meets on time,
  3. Do not try to talk to the coach during workout/meets.
  4. Do not talk to your child during workout/meets without permission from the coach.
  5. Make sure your child is fed, hydrated, has had adequate sleep and is not sick when she attends practice/meets.
  6. Make sure your child is dressed properly for class/competition.
  7. Make sure your child has what ever he or she needs for practice/competition.  Grips, music, ankle weights, jump ropes, tape etc. should be in your child’s bag and be clearly labeled with her name and the gym’s name.  Ditto for competition warm ups.
  8. If your child is going to miss practice/meets, please let your coach or the desk staff know.
  9. If your child is going to be going on vacation, please let the coach know as far in advance as possible and remind the coach again ten days to two weeks prior.
  10. If your child comes home from practice/meet upset with something the coach said or did, seek the coaches version before you come to any conclusions.
  11. No matter how angry you might be at the coach, please refrain from any form of disparaging comment in front of your child.  If you undermine the coaches credibility or character in front of your child it will at the very least confuse her if not cause her to lose respect for the coach entirely.
  12. Shoot your child’s coach a random thank you email thanking them for what they do.  It’s lovely to do this after a great meet, when you child learns a new skill or qualifies for a championship meet, but it’s also nice once in awhile to just get a “just because” note from a parent or gymnast.

BONUS: Find out your child’s coaches’ favorite Starbucks order and once in awhile show up to an early morning practice or private lesson with their drink.  Most coaches deposable income is fairly limited and we run on caffeine!