You Might Have a Budding Gymnast If…

baby forward roll

Gymnastics is a sport where kids can begin at an early age.

But how early?

Well, in some cases before they can even read…or walk.  You might have a budding gymnast on your hands if…

This is how they get into their high chair:

And into their crib:

As well as out of their crib:

If they enjoy practicing cartwheels over and over:

And like to (fearlessly) flip:

If they are freakishly strong:

And instead of tripping and falling they do this:

They find creative ways to work on their vaulting using bedroom furniture:

And they use their gymnastics skills to help out with common household chores:

Your baby might beg for home equipment:

But you are better off bringing them to your local gym to find a great class (and coaches who can spot them safely):