25 Life Lessons Gymnastics Teaches (Without Even Trying)

life lessons - text in wood type

Like the wise sage that teaches lessons without saying a word, gymnastics hands out life instruction without even trying. Here are 25 lessons that gymnastics (and other sports) brings to us:

  1. How to deal with fear
  2. How to deal with failure
  3. How to get along with others
  4. How to manage time
  5. How to take criticism
  6. How to work for a boss
  7. How to set a goal
  8. How to work hard
  9. How to reap the reward of that hard work
  10. How to cope when the hard work doesn’t lead to reaching a goal
  11. How to win with grace
  12. How to lose with dignity
  13. How to be comfortable with competition
  14. How to navigate achievement with friends
  15. How to be a role model
  16. How to manage your expectations
  17. How to manage others’ expectations
  18. How to listen to your body
  19. How to keep commitments
  20. How to deal with frustration
  21. How to do hard work
  22. How to do rote work
  23. How to do interesting work
  24. How to perform under pressure
  25. How to change course when tactics fail

Gotta love this sport of ours…