10 Safety Reminders: As Told by GIFs

Safety. It’s the number one concern of a strong gymnastics school, coaches and parents. We all want to ensure the safety of the young athletes that we train. We take certifications, read manuals, attend clinics and spend hours upon hours training in matters of safety. And yet, accidents still happen. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so a video must be worth at least ten thousand more. So here is my attempt to add to the growing body of safety materials (and perhaps to add a little levity into what is a very serious, but often tedious, subject!). 10 safety reminders as told by GIFs:

1. Check to ensure equipment is stable prior to use.

2. And that there is a safe distance from other apparatus and walls.

funny gifs

3. Trampolines must have spotters on all ends:

funny gifs

4. Proper attire is required. For girls, leotards and optional bike shorts. For boys, well fitting shorts/sweatpants and a shirt.

funny gifs

5. Coaches must be prepared to spot at all times.

6. And mats should be checked to ensure that there are no gaps!

funny gifs

7. And athletes should have adequate space to complete their skills.

8. Children must be supervised at all times while using equipment.


9. And gymnastics equipment should be used only in the manner in which it was intended:

funny gifs

10. All non-participating children must be supervised by an adult and must not enter the gym space.