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8 Tips to Stop Lizard Brain Parenting

Nobody is rational when it comes to their own child. It is impossible.  We love them too much.  Sure, some parents are more rational than other.  And there are times or topics over which we are more rational than not.   But still, even at our best, we cannot be fully objective about our own […]

ABCs of Parents of Gymnasts

After I wrote two blog posts: The ABCs of Great Coaching and The ABCs of Successful Athletes, one of my readers Amy submitted this alphabet list: The ABCs of Parents of Gymnasts….and it’s perfect! So, I am sharing it and thanking Amy and all of the wonderful parents who tirelessly support their athletes and the people working […]

12 Lessons You Learn the First Year Your Child is a Competitive Gymnast

1. Getting to the competition can be, well, challenging… 2.  And when you get there, you will be shocked at the cost to get in to watch… and the cost of eating. 3. A gymnastics meet lasts about 4 hours… 4. …though your child actually will compete for less than 3 and a half minutes, so don’t blink […]

Use MACE to Work with “Difficult” Parents

I haven’t done it, but my best guess would be that if I surveyed gym club owner and coaches and asked them why they got into coaching not a single one would say “because I love to deal with difficult parents.”  And yet, if in my theoretical survey I asked how many have to deal with […]

The 9 Stages of Conditioning as Explained by Frozen

When your coach posts the conditioning list for the day, here are the nine stages a gymnast goes through: 1. Shock 2. Disbelief 3. Hysteria 4. Outrage 5. Bargaining 6. Acceptance 7. Exhaustion 8. Working through and support 9. Pride

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Gymnastics Judges (according to an actual judge!)

A dear friend (who asked to remain anonymous) sent me this terrific list of five things you might not have known about gymnastics judges. 1. We don’t get to just be a judge because we want to. We have to earn it. Becoming a gymnastics judge requires work. A lot of hard work. We have to […]

9 Reasons It Is Hard to Let Kids Fail (and How a Butterfly Can Help)

“Let your child fail!” seems to be a common theme of parents education these days.  This blog included; educators across the nation urge parents to let their child fail. And if you are a parent, the very use of the word “fail“ next to the phrase “your child” probably takes your breath away at least […]

Tone and Frequency: Not Just for Musicians

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  -Maya Angleou I think that for many of us Maya Angleou’s quote rings true.  I know that for me it certainly does.  For example, I don’t remember exactly what my […]