12 Lessons You Learn the First Year Your Child is a Competitive Gymnast

1. Getting to the competition can be, well, challenging…
giphy (46)
2.  And when you get there, you will be shocked at the cost to get in to watch…
giphy (47)
and the cost of eating.
giphy (49)
3. A gymnastics meet lasts about 4 hours…
giphy (35)
4. …though your child actually will compete for less than 3 and a half minutes, so don’t blink or you will miss it.
giphy (37)
5. Gymnastics meets on TV look like this:
giphy (39)
but in real life they look more like this:
giphy (38)
6. The advice of seasoned parents can be extremely helpful, especially teaching you things like how to do hair.
giphy (36)
7. Though you learn to keep your distance from others (and, maybe next meet you will sit elsewhere).
giphy (44)
8. Don’t bother understanding the scoring system.  It just frustrates you.
giphy (41)
9.  Though there will always be one parent who is willing to explain it to you.
giphy (42)
10. The awards ceremony can feel almost as long and tense as the Oscars (especially as you wait to hear your child’s name called).
giphy (50)
11. But you, like the leader of the free world, are really are amazed at what your child can do.
giphy (45)
12.  …and when you see the smile on your kiddo’s face, you know that it is all worth it.
giphy (51)