10 Things Preschool Gymnastics Coaches Will Understand

1. This is your work wardrobe:

giphy (3)

2. Your parents think this of your “job”:

giphy (5)

3. And this is what your friends think your job entails:

giphy (6)

4. While the parents of your students think this is your job:

giphy (78)

5. In reality, this is just about sums up a day at the “office”:

Herding cats - Imgur

6. Your students at the door of the gym:

giphy (15)

7. How you deal with the chaos of 8 three year olds in a class:

giphy (16)

8. Along with this mantra:

giphy (12)

9. And then a face like this melts your heart:

giphy (26)

10. So no matter whether people understand why you do this or how tough a class might be, at the end of it you always feel like this:

giphy (14)