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“Ten things to think about before you say that your child is too good to be in a group with Sally ” by Sarah Reis, MEd.

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Ten things to think about before you say that your child is too good to be in a group with Sally. 1- In the average adult life people do not go walking around saying they are too good to work with another adult. “I am a much better graphic designer than…

Choosing the Right Leotard for Your Gymnast

As many kids begin (or restart) gymnastics for the new school year, puzzled parents will wonder how they are supposed to choose a leotard for their daughter.  To help shed some light on how to select a leo, I asked Jody Levy of Destira Leotards for some advice and she graciously wrote this post.  (No promotional […]

18 Things Anyone Who Loves A Gymnastics Coach Should Know

We work strange hours. We go to work when most people are thinking about going home. Sorry, the kids apparently have to go to school, which means we are beholden to their schedule. We get tired easily. We aren’t being lazy when we want to lay around an watch TV. Our jobs are physically demanding, […]

What a Bank Ad Taught Me About Success

As I write this I am on a layover in London on my way to a yoga retreat in Greece. For those of you who know me personally, you can stop laughing now.  You see, I am about as “un-yoga” as a person comes. If Type A is a thing, I am Type A plus. […]

Reflections From the First Meet of the Season

For many gymnasts, this past weekend marked the first weekend of the competitive season for USAG compulsories. And our club was among those for whom this was true. The morning of the first day of competition, our director of the compulsory program, a coach with over twenty years of coaching experience, posted this on her […]

If Gymnastics Coaches’ Repetitive Phrases Were Motivational Posters


Back to School…A Dozen Tips for Balancing School with Gymnastics

One of the more remarkable things gymnasts do is balance on a four inch wide beam, performing skills that most would not even think doable on a floor. But each September, many of these young athletes face a different kind of balance challenge: balancing school with practice. Gymnastics does not need to be an impediment […]

The Vicarious Parent

“I don’t understand…I was always an excellent athlete.” “When I did gymnastics, I was afraid of backward tumbling too.” “I had no trouble balancing school and gymnastics.” “I just want her to get the college scholarship that I didn’t get because I got injured.” “I was an Olympian, so she knows what it takes to […]

12 Signs Your Gymnast is Under Too Much Stress

There is a saying that a rock put under pressure forms a diamond. To which I will quickly counter, a certain type of rock under very specific conditions. Most rocks put under pressure will turn to dust. Yes, pressure is a normal part of life. It pushes us to work harder, to challenge ourselves to […]