18 Things Anyone Who Loves A Gymnastics Coach Should Know


  1. We work strange hours. We go to work when most people are thinking about going home. Sorry, the kids apparently have to go to school, which means we are beholden to their schedule.
  2. We get tired easily. We aren’t being lazy when we want to lay around an watch TV. Our jobs are physically demanding, so we are often just exhausted.
  3. Yes we go to work in sweat pants. No that does not mean we don’t have a “real job.”
  4. We have little patience for anyone who rolls his or her eyes at us. We work with teenagers, okay?
  5. Don’t watch gymnastics on TV with us if you aren’t prepared for our commentary (and our criticism of the commentators’ commentary). No the judges don’t give extra points for cuteness.
  6. We don’t know why the judges have to wear blue either. No one does. It’s a mystery.
  7. We have an irrational attachment to our stopwatches. It just is.
  8. We aren’t around much on weekends between August and May. Well, we hope May because that means we have kids at Nationals.
  9. We can take you to lovely vacation spots like Indianapolis, IN, Hartford, CT or San Jose, CA. Sure, we are there for USA Gymnastics Congress, but you can explore these wonderful cities.
  10. We aren’t going to be rich. Not with money anyway.
  11. We don’t mean to correct a kid’s cartwheel on the beach. But really, if she just started in a lunge, it would be so much better.
  12. Sorry about all the white powder on our clothes. But it’s not what you think.
  13. We are good at multitasking. Often we have 8 to 10 kids in our groups, all who have different needs and assignments. So yes, we can check emails and talk to you at the same time.
  14. It hurts our feelings when our kids stop the sport or switch gyms. We understand that you may not fully get that, but it does bother us so please be patient.
  15. We don’t mean to bark orders at you.  We are just used to being in charge.
  16. We also realize “eyes on me” is not an appropriate way to get your attention. Sorry about that.
  17. Starbucks gift cards are an awesome stocking stuffer. Yes, our blood is half caffeine.
  18. It’s okay if you don’t understand the sport. Just pretend to be excited when our athletes catch a Geinger or feel our pain when a full twisting Yurchenko is devalued by the NCAA.