8 Ways a Gymnastics Coach is Like a Superhero


A superhero is a being with extraordinary physical or mental powers, far beyond the range of normal human ability, who uses these powers to protect the innocent and for the general good.

Sounds like a gymnastics coach to me.

So here are 8 ways a gymnastics coach is like a superhero:


Superpower: Omni-linguist

The ability to understand any language like Wonder Woman

From the preschool coach who can decipher that the enthusiastic toddler who announces she is wearing her “baby soup” is really sporting a bathing suit to the coach who works with teens and can differentiate between when “it’s fine” means “it’s fine” versus “it’s not fine,” gymnastics coaches are linguistically gifted.


Superpower: Healing factor

The ability to immediately mend oneself after getting hurt like Wolverine.

Okay, maybe they actually don’t mend but gymnastics coaches certainly act like they are perfectly okay after a flailing arm catches their nose or an errant leg kicks them in the stomach.


Superpower: Healing others

The ability to heal others like Raven.

There is something special about the way a preschool gymnastics coach puts on the Sesame Street band-aid or team coach tapes an ankle that makes it all feel better.  It just is.


Superpower: Clairvoyance

The ability to see the future like Dream Girl.

Gymnastics coaches believe in the future of the kids who they teach. They see promise in them even when their athletes cannot see promise in themselves.

mr fantastic

Superpower: Elasticity

The ability to stretch any part of your body like Mr. Fantastic.

And that stretching comes in handy when they need to catch a kid flying off a bar on a major release move, when an excited recreational gymnast runs in front of a Level 10 barrelling down the vault runway or a curious preschooler tries to leave the group!


Superpower: Super Strength

The ability to lift enormous weight like the Incredible Hulk

Coaching a back handspring clinic of high school cheerleaders. Enough said.


Superpower: Endurance

The ability to just keep going like Power Man.

The ability to do eight sessions in a weekend, make the five hour car ride home and still show up for work on Monday with a full lesson plan and a smile.  How about coaching six parent and tot classes in a row without so much as a bathroom break?  Yep. We got that.

boy and girl superhero copy

Superpower: Role Model

The ability to behave in a manner that allows others, especially young people, to be positively influenced by your actions like all great teachers.

After all, that is the most important role and superpower that we as gymnastics coaches have in the lives of the young people we influence.

Gymnastics coaches are superheros.

What do you think?

What other super powers do coaches have?