What Gymnastics Coaches Really Want for Christmas

For parents to let us do the coaching.

giphy mom coach

And if that can’t happen…coal in our stocking that we can use to throw at parents who coach their kids from the bleachers.

giphy throw

For kids to listen to the assignment the first time we say it.

giphy what

To not make the same correction five times in a row.

giphy again

To not have the mats stolen from our set ups.

giphy mine

For everyone to put equipment back where it belongs.

giphy nice things

To get a parent email, call or text that is simply good news.

giphy good news

For one day without a potty accident (preschool coach)

giphy pee

Or pushing (boys’ coach)

giphy push

Or kids excluding another (girls’ coach)

giphy sit w us

Or eye rolling (teenagers’ coach)

giphy eye roll

Or crying (all coaches)

giphy crying child

Unlimited Starbucks

giphy starbucks

To never again hear the sentence, “I’ve never done gymnastics but I’ve watched so much I could do your job.”

giphy do you job

Along with “When are you going to get a real job?”

giphy real job

A football helmet to protect us from flying appendages.

giphy helmet

A competition leotard everyone agrees upon.

giphy group agree

A magic wand and spell (to be pulled out in the event of a child who no longer tumbles backward)

giphy hp

Anything that will kill germs…we cannot afford to get sick despite the fact we come into contact with sick kids every single day of our lives.

giphy hand san

An Ipad with lots of coaching apps.

giphy ipad.gif

An extra shot of motivation.

giphy nothing impossible

Our favorite clothes: sweatpants.

giphy sweatpants.gif

And shoes for coaching.  We love coaching shoes…maybe too much…

giphy shoes

But our favorite thing: Cards from athletes, both current and past, that thank us for making a difference in their lives.

giphy aww shucks

Happy Holiday to all of you!  And thank you for making a difference in kids lives (and not throwing coal at anyone!).