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What is Your Biggest Regret?

  In the middle of New York City, a black board was hung with the simple directive: WRITE YOUR BIGGEST REGRET People approached somewhat apprehensive but then began to pick up the chalk and jot down their thoughts.  Initially, the thoughts were as varied as those who were writing them.  Then, as the chalkboard became […]

Be Like Me: Gymnastics Edition

If you logged into your Facebook or scrolled through your Instagram feed this past weekend, most likely you encountered the encouragement of a stick figure meme of your friends encouraging you to “Be Like Me”. Who knew that crude drawing of composed of some lines, curves and dot named Bill could dispense such wisdom?  And what wisdom might […]

Three Pieces of Advice for the Strong Parent/Coach Relationship

Bree Hafen wrote an amazing blog post called “8 Things Dance Teachers Wish They Could Tell Dance Moms”.  Substitute dance for gymnastics and it is chock full of great advice for all of us. As I read and re-read Ms. Hafen’s marvelous post, I drew from it three general pieces of advice that all of […]

Sticks and Stones May Break Gymnasts’ Bones…

It could be in said in what sounds like jest but feels like a stab: “I guess you want to repeat Level 4.” Or comment that sounds like its purpose is to motivate when it really is just an assumption of bad faith: “Maybe you could actually try next time.” Or maybe it is not […]

If Gymnastics Coaches’ Repetitive Phrases Were Motivational Posters, Volume 2

The first set can be viewed here.  And now, volume two!  

What if This Was Your Last Day in the Gym?

What if this was your last day in the gym? If you are a gymnast: your last tumbling pass? Your final routine? If you are a coach: your final day calling your athletes in to practice? Giving your last correction or compliment? If you are a parent: watching your child’s final routine? Saying goodbye to […]

21 Memes to which Preschool Gymnastics Coaches will Relate

Preschool gymnastics coaches are brave souls.  Who else can keep as many as eight little ones safe while educating them physically, teaching them to interact positively with each other all while having fun? If you coach preschool gymnastics, we think you will understand these things: It might not be the best day when you are […]

5 Simple Resolutions for Everyone: What Gymnasts, Coaches, Employers, Employees and Parents Can Do To Improve 2016

Resolutions. We think of them as grand experiments to change ourselves. Usually for the benefit of, well, ourselves. Sure, losing weight, getting organized, saving money or quitting bad habits are all worthy New Year’s resolutions. But turning the concept from serving ourselves to how we can better serve others might be an equally valid way […]