5 Simple Resolutions for Everyone: What Gymnasts, Coaches, Employers, Employees and Parents Can Do To Improve 2016



We think of them as grand experiments to change ourselves. Usually for the benefit of, well, ourselves.

Sure, losing weight, getting organized, saving money or quitting bad habits are all worthy New Year’s resolutions. But turning the concept from serving ourselves to how we can better serve others might be an equally valid way to increase our happiness and make our lives more fulfilling.

So here are five simple ideas that we can choose as resolutions for 2016 that will strengthen our relationships with one another no matter what role we play: gymnast, coach, employer, employee or parent.

  1. Greet each other. We are all in such a hurry or so distracted with our cell phones that we forget to stop and say hello and goodbye to one another. This tiny gesture of kindness compassionately connects us to each other.
  1. Say please and thank you. Good manners are a sign of respect. They also signal appreciation for the efforts the other.
  1. Talk about what’s happening beyond the gym. Inquiring after the well-being of a sibling, pet or other family member, asking how a vacation went or even complimenting someone’s new haircut demonstrates that the person is more than part of a transaction or a role. It means that they are a human who you are taking interest in as a fellow human.
  1. Congratulate successes. Even efforts. Yes even if they are part of the job. Think about the last time you thanked a coach on a Monday for their hard work over the weekend at a meet by bringing them flowers. What about a time you told a parent how much you appreciate their efforts to always pick their child up on time? These things matter.
  1. Show support times of difficulty. A gym, when done correctly, is a community. Be there to support each other when things go wrong. Visit those who are sick. Bring food. Send balloons. Watch their kids. Write cards. Whatever. Be there for each other.

Notice that all five tips begin with a verb. It is about doing, not feeling or intending.

Remember this math problem: five birds are on a wire. Three decide to fly south for the winter. How many are left?


The decision to fly south doesn’t mean anything. So get out there and get active!

Here’s to a great 2016! May we find ways to make it better for ourselves and each other!