10 Things Competitive Gymnasts Do Not Want to Hear

Here are 10 things competitive gymnasts do not want to hear:

giphy tell me more 

“You cannot believe how busy I am…”

I go to school all day, then practice until 9pm and then do homework for my four AP classes. So yes, I can imagine how busy you are.

giphy conditioning.gif

“It’s so unfair you don’t have to take PE.”

Because the 20 hours a week I train, the extensive workout log I have to keep and the fitness test that I pass with flying colors each semester isn’t sufficient evidence of my “physical education.”

giphy iwin

“Why is everything a competition with you?”

Because it is. How is it not for you?

 giphy no piny

“Do you ever wear your hair down?”


giphy busy.gif

“Why will you never go out with us on Fridays?”

I have practice until 9pm and then again first thing on Saturday.

giphy what

“Can’t you just skip practice?”

I can but I choose not to.

 giphy trick

“Show me a flip!”

I’m not a trained circus animal.

 giphy fan

“Are you going to the Olympics?”

Only if I buy a ticket.

 giphy strong girl

“Aren’t you worried you’ll get huge muscles and guys won’t like you?”

No I am not worried and if a guy doesn’t like me for who I am, so be it.

 giphy cat confused

“If you quit gymnastics, you’d have so much free time.”

Blank stare.