5 Affirmations for Gymnasts (that are actually effective!)


“Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!”

Here’s a confession: I think affirmations are kind of silly.

Sure you can get yourself pumped up by repeating phrases about how great you are or how awesome you day is going to be. And maybe that will provide just enough activation energy to get you to do something uncomfortable or to get out of bed.

But in terms of the long run, I am not wholly convinced that affirmations by themselves are entirely useful.

Here is why: Sure how we think about ourselves matters. But what matters more is how we act. We spend all day thinking that we are good enough, smart enough and that people like us. But if we act like jerks, never bother to learn anything and are nasty to others, our affirmations are simply fantasies.

So, what is critical is that we combine our self-talk and our actions. Then, and only then, can we harness the potential of our affirmations.

“I am resilient.” Match this affirmation with reminders of times you’ve overcome failure, injury or frustration. Every time you fall and get back up, remind yourself “I am resilient.”

“I can learn new things.” Match this affirmation with reminders of how far you have come. Remember when you couldn’t do a back handspring on floor and now you are learning it on beam? Remind yourself of you ability to learn. Be extra coachable by committing to listen to your coaches’ feedback and by spending your own time watching videos on how you can improve your skills.

“I can do hard things.” Match this affirmation with the challenges you’ve concurred. For instance, after a particularly rough conditioning segment, give yourself a high five and the reassurance that you just did something really hard and made it through!

“I have high standards.” Match this affirmation recalling times you went above and beyond what is required of you. Instead of doing the bare minimum challenge yourself to do an extra set, routine or turn. Why? Because you have high standards. Be on time. Be prepared for practice. Expect more of yourself because you believe in your ability to do more.

“I am positive.” Match this affirmation to times when you stayed optimistic and focused on the possibilities instead of the problems. Tweaked your ankle and cannot run for two weeks? Think of how much your bars can improve and how you will be a beast by increasing your core strength.

Affirmations plus actions equal results.

What affirmations would you add to this list?