Moments at Regionals that Gymnasts Will Understand

With regionals coming up this weekend for many gymnasts, a little humor as you head into the big weekend!

Your super supportive parent trying to motivate you during the car ride to the meet  (and you trying to keep a straight face).

giphy (40)

Your coach at 7:45am…

giphy (38)


When you and your BFF find out that your team starts on beam:

giphy (34).gif

When someone has the same floor music as you–in your rotation, no less:

giphy (53)

Trying to get the judges to see you saluting for vault:

giphy bad salute

The judge trying to come up with your score:

giphy (59)

The look between your coaches when they are stunned by your score:

giphy (57)

Your super supportive, clueless parent:

giphy rooting

The panic when you cannot find your grips:

giphy (30).gif

The relief (while playing it cool) when you locate them:

giphy (32).gif

Waiting to see if your score qualifies you for nationals.

giphy (41)

When you realize you qualified to Nationals:

giphy (31).gif

Then realizing you AND your BFFL both qualified to Nationals:

giphy (54)

And wanting to go celebrate!

giphy (39)


Good luck and good skill to everyone this weekend!