Is All Training Created Equal?

This is no real secret. The answer is in the training. It isn’t more hours, or more training, but the correct training. The athletes must learn how to train smarter, more efficiently. The coaches must continue to take the time to teach the skills correctly the first time and all the time.

Source: Is All Training Created Equal?

Amen, Wendy.

Too many clubs compensate for mediocre or poor coaching with more hours and mandated private lessons.

More hours and mandated private lessons leads some parents to think that a program is more serious or superior.

Or are they just crutches for coaches who are not able to get the job done in a normal practice time because they are skipping steps and “fast tracking” kids to boost egos?

Slow down people, teach basics, keep kids safe and remind parents that learning something the right way takes time.  You cannot buy a skill; it needs to be earned through hard work and deliberate practice.

Sure it isn’t nearly as exciting to drill a skill, to condition your body to get stronger and more flexible or to focus on basics as it is to throw a round-off, back handspring, back tuck.  But as Wendy points out, “There is no easy path, no quick fix, no short cut. The one and only way to excellence is through lots and lots of deliberate training.”