The Key to a Happy Gymnast?

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We want our kids to be happy.

So we worry about the outcomes. Learning the kip. Winning the meet. Making it to level 10, to elite, to National team or the to the Olympics. Earning the scholarship.

We worry about the hallmarks of achievements.

We want to give them the world.

But what if we are worrying about the wrong things?

What if what makes our kids (and ourselves) has less to do with the outcomes and more to do with something else entirely?

Because, it turns out, it does.

The happiest people learn to enjoy the journey. Research by neuroscientist Jaak Panskeep suggests that the key to happiness is never truly feeling fulfilled.

That’s right. Never feeling fulfilled.

Turns out “the key to happiness lies in your enjoyment of the journey as you seek.”

So teach your kids to enjoy the journey. To stay hungry. To understand that it is our need for approval that drives us.

And the more that we can focus our need for approval to be the need of our own approval, the happier we will be.

So perhaps the key to happiness is the enjoyment of the journey and the satisfaction of our own self-approval.