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What a Penny Teaches Us About Success

  Suppose a magic genie gives you a choice that you have to make within 5 seconds: $3 million dollars in cash or a penny that will earn compound interest for 31 straight days. Which would you take? Most would choose the $3 million dollars. Unless you have an inherent understanding of the power of […]

9 Tips for Working with Teens

“I love coaching moody teenagers!” said no one ever. Our adolescent athletes can be challenging, that is for sure. One minute they are perfectly normal, the next minute they are sullen, cranky or just in tears. Come to think of it, they are like giant two year olds…who drive… That said, I actually like teenagers. […]

July 21

Will it Ever be Good Enough? I Spent too Much Time being Embarrassed by My Bronze.

Originally posted on Get Psyched!:
Back in 1992 my only goal was to make the Olympic Team. When that dream happened my next goal was to hit all my routines during the competition. I didn’t think about medals, or making finals, or even being put on the front of the next Wheaties box. I was…

Guest Blog: Advice to Gym Parents, by Darrin Steele

Originally posted on FlipNotes:
Today’s guest blogger is Darrin Steele. He recently sent an email to the owner of the gymnastics club his daughter, Kalyany, trains at sharing his insights and thoughts as a parent in the brilliant sport we call gymnastics. While his thoughts are particular to Aerials, they are truly universal and could…

Can’t We All Just Get A Long?

Lauren Hopkins’ masterful dissection of the selection of the U.S. Olympic Team. It’s rough to knowing how hard these young women work to see the ones who get so close not get the nod.  But Hopkins is correct–can’t we all just get a long? Read her brilliant article: “Douglas is a good choice. Skinner would […]

Gymnastics is for Everyone!

On Sunday evening the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Team was named.  In addition to being an extraordinarily talented group of athletes, it is by far the most diverse ever to represent this country–two African American women (Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas), a Latina woman (Laurie Hernandez), a Jewish woman (Aly Raisman) will join Madison Kocian. […]

7 Reasons Why Being In Sports As A Child Is Important

At JAG we’ve always said that we measure our success as a coaches and managers not by the number banners we put on a wall or even the number of NCAA athletes, international level competitors or even Olympians our club produces, but instead by the quality of young adults we help families raise. I know […]

Freedom and Responsibility

With freedom, comes responsibility–the responsibility to exercise the power that your freedom brings you in a way that makes you worthy of your autonomy and demonstrates the value you place on having liberty. Coaches, each time you have a group of children who you are instructing you have the freedom to create a lesson that […]