Will it Ever be Good Enough? I Spent too Much Time being Embarrassed by My Bronze.

There is a (bad) riddle that goes like this:

“What do you call a silver medalist?”

“First loser.”

I hate this sentiment so much. Sure, going for the gold is a great and worthy pursuit. But getting a silver, bronze or even just going to the Olympics is a remarkable achievement as well.

Read this blog by my courageous, accomplished and brave friend, Wendy Bruce, who spent too much time being embarrassed by a bronze medal.

I am proud of you Wendy. Proud to hear your journey and proud to call you my friend!

Get Psyched!

Back in 1992 my only goal was to make the Olympic Team. When that dream happened my next goal was to hit all my routines during the competition. I didn’t think about medals, or making finals, or even being put on the front of the next Wheaties box. I was intensely focused on my skills and what it took to make them.

My goal did come true and when my competition was over, my routines along with our team’s performance earned us a Bronze Medal. I was elated. First I made the team, then I hit all my routines, and to top it all off I was bringing home a medal. For a minute or even an hour I had accomplished everything I had set out in my career.

Then little by little and day by day my fantastic accomplishment seemed to not be good enough. When I got back…

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