Here’s To the Girls Not In Rio!

Gymnastics is not traditionally thought of as a team sport.

Though those who train gymnasts, especially at the competitive level, understand that great teammates are the secret sauce that makes the journey of a gymnast a little smoother and a lot more fun.

At the end of the week the Olympics kick off.  Five women will represent the USA in Rio, with three more training near by as reserves in case there is a last minute injury or illness.  And yet, there are about dozen others who came so close to making it but did not.

This terrific video pays tribute to these athletes.  The teammates who trained along side, pushed through the bad times and giggled through the good with Simone, Aly, Laurie, Gabby and Madison.

So here is to the entire Army that is the US National Team.  While all of you are not in Rio, all of you contributed to the road to Rio and we acknowledge you!