Four Awesome Moments from Olympic Team Prelims You Might Have Missed

With the U.S. Men’s Team exceeding expectations and the U.S. Women’s team proving that they are light years ahead of the competition, there was so much incredible gymnastics happening that the little moments can go unnoticed.

The supportive parent:

blog parent pride.jpg

Denise Dalton is more than Jake Dalton’s mom, she’s his number one fan!

The proud coach:

blog coach pride

Aimee Boorman’s look says it all: enormous respect, love and pride for her athlete and their journey together.

The good friends:

blog giggles

Yes, they are Olympic athletes and yes, they are also young women who giggle with their friends.

The unity of being together.


North and South Korean gymnasts pose for a selfie together.



Because in the end, no matter the medal count, it’s the relationships that unite us and contribute to our happiness and quality of life.