10 Reasons Why I Love Aimee Boorman

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She understands what an incredible sport gymnastics is for all kids.   Aimee says, “I love watching kids grow. Gymnastics is more about life than just being a sport.  It teaches you about respect, dedication, time management, drive…I could go on and on.”

She puts the child before the gymnast. According to the The Los Angeles Times Aimee she does not monitor Biles’ diet, encourages her to have a life outside of gymnastics, and wants her to spend time with friends.  “You have to avoid burnout,” Aimee said. “I believe in family vacations. I believe in taking time off. I believe if it’s your best friend’s birthday, you take the day off and go spend it with her. That’s time you can’t get back.”

She understands that the number one reason kids quit sports is that it is no longer fun—so she makes it fun. “We knew early on that it had to be fun for Simone and if it wasn’t fun, she wasn’t going to want to do it. She would go pick another sport,” said Aimee.

She is fine with slowing down the process. Aimee understands that potential elites may be lost to the sport because of the crazy demands of gymnastics. Aimee told The Los Angeles Times “Maybe we’ve lost other potentially elite athletes because we pushed them too far, too fast.”

She focuses on doing the best work with each child at every point, letting the result happen naturally. Aimee explains, “I don’t think that there is a magic formula or a time when you really “know.”  You keep working to be your best, regardless of the level you are at.  That is our philosophy.”

She is honest about where she is as a coach and comes with solutions instead of pretending to know it all. “I told (Ron and Nellie Biles, Biles’ parents) that I would let them know when I can’t keep up with her,” Aimee said “I was willing to let her go if it would make her better, but I also had a chance to better myself as a coach. I knew emotionally that I was what Simone needed, but I needed to grow technically.”

She is committed to learning whatever it takes to make her athletes better.  Aimee said, “I figured out that I would have to learn with her in order to keep up with her because she learned things so quickly.”

She has an impeccable growth mindset. “I don’t think I have an ego as far as coaching goes. You can constantly learns things and be a student of life.” Aimee told the Houston Chronicle.

She has incredible passion. “I love coaching. That is what I do. Gymnastics is my passion.”

She has cares more about the big picture for her athletes than the results. “I just want her to love life,” Aimee said. “That’s it. Whatever she wants to do, whatever she wants to become, I’m always going to be there for her.”

She truly understands what her “job” isAimee says “My goal as a coach is that when a child is done with gymnastics, for whatever reason, that they leave the sport “loving it.”  I want them to cherish the time and experiences that they had in the gym.  If they do, I have done my job!”

Thank you for inspiring all of us, Aimee!