#ReeseGoals: The Power of Post-Its on a Bathroom Mirror


This is the actual bathroom mirror of one of JAG’s athletes. Reese, who just turned 9, is finishing her Level 4 season.

When her mom posted this photo of Reese’s mirror, my heart exploded with pride and with her mom’s permission, I wanted to share this with all of you.

There is so much that I love about and am proud of how Reese approaches her gymnastics that is evidenced in these post-it notes shaped in a heart…here are my big takeaways.

Passion. At the top of Reese’s heart is her passion: she loves gymnastics.

While perseverance is the more talked about part of having grit, passion is the secret sauce that makes us begin a challenge, helps us push through the uncomfortable parts and aids in getting us to pick ourselves up after we falter. Passion gives up hope.

Self control. Next, most of the post it notes are Reese’s intentions. Her “I will” statements all focus on things that she and she alone can control: her effort and her attitude. Her goals are stated such that she and she alone are in charge of their outcome. Additionally, Reese signs her name to one of her post-its (“I will cast high in my bar routine.”) as further commitment to her goals. A nice touch!

Personal best. Reese’s post-it “I will be the absolut (sic) best I can be!” is priceless. The best goals are those that challenge us to be the best versions of ourselves instead of surpassing the accomplishments of others.

Measure progress. Reese’s post-it that notes “I got a 9.525 on bars!” is terrific because it is important that we remind ourselves of the progress we are making along our journey. (Note: And, I am happy to report that Reese will need to make an edit to that post-it as she scored a 9.725 at our state meet and became the Silver medalist on the event!)

There are times the student is the teacher. This most certainly is one of those times. I am so taking a page out of Reese’s book and am getting my heart shaped post-its going on my bathroom mirror!

Thanks, Reese!