Thank You, Rachael and All of the Other Surrviors


As I sit here in tears, tears of rage over what you endured and how many didn’t listen and even covered it up, tears of awe in your bravery, your courage, your resilience, your perseverance, your intelligence and your heart of gold, and tears of gratitude because you are the general of an army, an army that never should have needed to be formed, all I can say is THANK YOU, Rachael Denhollander for doing what those in power didn’t do.

You are the hero in a story that never should have been written, and I pledge to do everything I can to honor your legacy and that of your sister survivors every single day to make the sport of gymnastics safe for every child.

I have more thoughts to share about the tragedy and crisis that faces gymnastics.  But for now, I want to let the words of these brave women take the lead.