About JAG Gym

At JAG Gym, our mission is simple: we do good things for kids! We believe that gymnastics is the root of all sports and that a strong foundation in it will set up children for a lifetime of fitness. We believe that coaches are teachers of children first and coaches of athletes second. We believe that all children can benefit from the positive life lessons that gymnastics teaches and deserve to receive professional instruction from the very beginning of their journey. We believe that we are a community, not just a gymnastics school, whose goal is to support families in raising happy, healthy, smart children with good character. Each week, approximately 2,000 children come to JAG. Some are toddlers experiencing their first organized class. Others are here to celebrate a birthday or attend a camp. And still others are here to learn how to do a cartwheel or train for local, state, national or international competition. No matter what the goal of the child may be, we believe that having fun, trying hard and being open to learning new things are what defines their success. For more information on our programs, please visit http://www.jaggym.com.