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An Open Letter to the Coaches who Comfort Their Gymnasts When They Struggle in a Meet

  Dear Coaches Who Comfort Their Gymnasts When They Struggle in a Meet, I want to thank you. I thank you for recognizing that your gymnast just gave it her all, came up short and still validating her worth as a human by giving her a hug and a kind word as she dejectedly walked off […]

The Importance of the “Soft” Stuff

Secret: I have a new favorite gymnast. She is 12 year old Jaymes Marshall. I first saw Jaymes when her vault from the 2016 JO Nationals lit up Facebook. And then I recently read this interview she did for Inside Gymnastics. In the interview, this very talented and highly accomplished gymnast was asked, “What’s some […]

6 Things to Remember When an Athlete Switches Gyms

One of the harder things I have dealt with and watched coaches deal with is the departure of an athlete from our club to another club. Sure, sometimes it comes with relief of knowing that a family that caused distress to the coaching staff has moved on to be someone else’s problem. But sometimes it […]

Advice to Grads from Your Wise Friends: Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor

It’s that time of year when graduation advice from celebrities, world leaders or just well meaning folk flood the Internet. But what if the four events that female gymnasts toil over were able to get up and give their sage advice to the kids who are moving on from our sport. What would they say? […]

A Senior’s Farewell Tribute to Gymnastics

Get the kleenex ready, because if you make it through this one without shedding a few tears you are a tougher person than I. A coach reached out to me to share her graduation senior’s goodbye speech from their team banquet.  And I am so glad she did.  As much as I can (and do) […]

Gymnasts and “Trying”

Don’t tell an athlete that they didn’t try Tell them that they can try harder. Is that splitting hairs? Maybe. But hear me out. “You aren’t trying” puts an athlete on the defensive. It demonstrates to that athlete that you don’t believe they are giving full effort. It tells the athlete you don’t trust her. “I […]

Moments at Regionals that Gymnasts Will Understand

With regionals coming up this weekend for many gymnasts, a little humor as you head into the big weekend! Your super supportive parent trying to motivate you during the car ride to the meet  (and you trying to keep a straight face). Your coach at 7:45am…   When you and your BFF find out that […]

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it? This is a question that comes to mind in many parents and athletes. It’s a valid question. Essentially it is a re-evaluation of goals and actions. It’s normal, even a good idea, to re-evaluate your goals in gymnastics. Including the goal to continue for another season.   Re-evaluating our goals allows us […]

24 People You Might See at a Gymnastics Meet (as Told by Cats in Honor of #NationalCatDay)

Did you know that October 29 is National Cat Day? Well, it is! So, to celebrate our feline friends, here are 24 people you might see at a gymnastics meet, as told through cats. The gymnast who arrives without her hair done and needs a team effort to be ready on time. The team with the perfectly synchronized […]

The Perfect Coach with The Perfect Touch.

Originally posted on Get Psyched!:
A View From the Stands. This article was originally posted on Gold Medal Moms and is reposted with permission from Jodi. They say a picture can paint a thousand words yet, I feel compelled to explain what I see, as a mother, when I look at my child from the…