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Advice to Grads from Your Wise Friends: Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor

It’s that time of year when graduation advice from celebrities, world leaders or just well meaning folk flood the Internet. But what if the four events that female gymnasts toil over were able to get up and give their sage advice to the kids who are moving on from our sport. What would they say? […]

Moments at Regionals that Gymnasts Will Understand

With regionals coming up this weekend for many gymnasts, a little humor as you head into the big weekend! Your super supportive parent trying to motivate you during the car ride to the meet  (and you trying to keep a straight face). Your coach at 7:45am…   When you and your BFF find out that […]

17 Signs You Were A Gymnast as a Kid

As we head into the Olympic year, those who did gymnastics in their childhood get especially giddy and sentimental of their youth spent in a leotard, elbow deep in chalk while dreaming of being the next Olga, Nadia, Mary Lou, Shannon, Carly, Nastia or Shawn. In addition to the discipline and host of wonderful life […]

6 Things Not To Say to a Gymnastics Coach

It may not be intentional, but there are certain comments that will make a gymnastics coach’s blood boil.   So what do you do with all your free time until practice starts? Practice is when you kids come into workout. My workday starts much earlier than that. I might have administrative duties or training responsibilities […]

10 Things Competitive Gymnasts Do Not Want to Hear

Here are 10 things competitive gymnasts do not want to hear:   “You cannot believe how busy I am…” I go to school all day, then practice until 9pm and then do homework for my four AP classes. So yes, I can imagine how busy you are. “It’s so unfair you don’t have to take […]

Be Like Me: Gymnastics Edition

If you logged into your Facebook or scrolled through your Instagram feed this past weekend, most likely you encountered the encouragement of a stick figure meme of your friends encouraging you to “Be Like Me”. Who knew that crude drawing of composed of some lines, curves and dot named Bill could dispense such wisdom?  And what wisdom might […]

If Gymnastics Coaches’ Repetitive Phrases Were Motivational Posters, Volume 2

The first set can be viewed here.  And now, volume two!  

21 Memes to which Preschool Gymnastics Coaches will Relate

Preschool gymnastics coaches are brave souls.  Who else can keep as many as eight little ones safe while educating them physically, teaching them to interact positively with each other all while having fun? If you coach preschool gymnastics, we think you will understand these things: It might not be the best day when you are […]

A Visit from St. Nicholas, Gymnastics Edition

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the gym not an athlete was training, the lights were all dim.   The stockings were hung from the beams just in case, St. Nicholas and the reindeer stopped by the gym space.   Some gymnasts were hopeful that Santa would leave some brand new leos; preferably […]

What Gymnastics Coaches Really Want for Christmas

For parents to let us do the coaching. And if that can’t happen…coal in our stocking that we can use to throw at parents who coach their kids from the bleachers. For kids to listen to the assignment the first time we say it. To not make the same correction five times in a row. […]