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The Gymnastics Coach’s Brain

Dear Santa…

Each year, over 120,000 people write letters to Santa–and that doesn’t even include those that have no return address. Gymnasts are among those who send letters, to be sure.  Here are just a few…as imagined by me. From the gymnastics obsessed gymnast:   From Susie: From Susie’s mom:   And Susie’s coach: From the parent-and-me […]

A Dozen Merit Badges for Parents of Competitive Gymnasts

There is no doubt: as joyful as it can be to be the parent of a gymnast, parents in our sport deserve their own awards. As one season draws to a close and another begins, presenting a dozen ideas for gym parents’ merit badges. To earn the “Fortitude Badge” complete two of the following achievements or […]

13 “Flip”pant Responses To Annoying Things Non-Gymnastics Parents Say

Because sometimes I know I wish I’d have thought to come back with comments like these when people would say annoying things to me about my kids’ participation in gymnastics, I share them with you.   Yes, sometimes it is better to take the high road. Heading into the holidays, some of these might come […]

8 Ways a Gymnastics Coach is Like a Superhero

A superhero is a being with extraordinary physical or mental powers, far beyond the range of normal human ability, who uses these powers to protect the innocent and for the general good. Sounds like a gymnastics coach to me. So here are 8 ways a gymnastics coach is like a superhero: Superpower: Omni-linguist The ability to […]

24 People You Might See at a Gymnastics Meet (as Told by Cats in Honor of #NationalCatDay)

Did you know that October 29 is National Cat Day? Well, it is! So, to celebrate our feline friends, here are 24 people you might see at a gymnastics meet, as told through cats. The gymnast who arrives without her hair done and needs a team effort to be ready on time. The team with the perfectly synchronized […]

18 Things Anyone Who Loves A Gymnastics Coach Should Know

We work strange hours. We go to work when most people are thinking about going home. Sorry, the kids apparently have to go to school, which means we are beholden to their schedule. We get tired easily. We aren’t being lazy when we want to lay around an watch TV. Our jobs are physically demanding, […]

If Gymnastics Coaches’ Repetitive Phrases Were Motivational Posters


12 Lessons You Learn the First Year Your Child is a Competitive Gymnast

1. Getting to the competition can be, well, challenging… 2.  And when you get there, you will be shocked at the cost to get in to watch… and the cost of eating. 3. A gymnastics meet lasts about 4 hours… 4. …though your child actually will compete for less than 3 and a half minutes, so don’t blink […]

The 9 Stages of Conditioning as Explained by Frozen

When your coach posts the conditioning list for the day, here are the nine stages a gymnast goes through: 1. Shock 2. Disbelief 3. Hysteria 4. Outrage 5. Bargaining 6. Acceptance 7. Exhaustion 8. Working through and support 9. Pride