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Confessions: 20 Terribly Rotten, Awful and Horrible Things Coaches Do to Ruin Gymnasts’ Lives

I was reading an article that had me laughing pretty hard about the “terrible” things that parents do their kids, like make them blow their noses, not touch hot stoves and even wear their seat belts and refrain from juggling kitchen knives. It got me thinking of the “awful” things that we as coaches do […]

Because Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh…

        What do gymnasts, acrobats, and bananas have in common? They can all do the splits. Why didn’t the blonde make the gymnastics team? When they asked for a cartwheel, she stole a tire from the hot dog vendor. What did the vampire gymnast say to the vault coach? “I want to […]

10 Safety Reminders: As Told by GIFs

Safety. It’s the number one concern of a strong gymnastics school, coaches and parents. We all want to ensure the safety of the young athletes that we train. We take certifications, read manuals, attend clinics and spend hours upon hours training in matters of safety. And yet, accidents still happen. They say a picture is […]

You Might Have a Budding Gymnast If…

Gymnastics is a sport where kids can begin at an early age. But how early? Well, in some cases before they can even read…or walk.  You might have a budding gymnast on your hands if… This is how they get into their high chair: And into their crib: As well as out of their crib: If […]

Things For Which We Are Grateful: Gymnast, Coach and Parent Perspectives

It is the week of Thanksgiving and there is so much for which we can all be thankful. Here are a few items of gratitude from the perspectives of gymnasts, coaches and parents. Gymnasts’ List of Gratitude: Your wise coaches: And loyal teammates: Your chauffeurs (aka parents): When a new shipment of leotards hits the proshop: When the […]

20 Things Only Parents of Gymnasts Understand

1. All music is judged on whether it would make good floor music. 2. This is how homework is done. 3. And math is explained like this: 4. Your tiny sprite of a child has hands of a lumberjack. 5. The panic that ensues when your daughter forgot to remove her nail polish before the meet. […]

Parent to Parent: How to Deal with Overly Competitive Parents

Do you have “those” parents on your child’s team? The ones who react like this when their kid wins the meet? The ones who thinks finding seats for the meet is a competitive sport? And who always coaches from the stands? Who has difficulty waiting for their child’s score to get posted? Not to mention their reaction […]

20 Thoughts That go Through Your Head Before a Gymnastics Meet: Parent, Gymnast, Coach, Judge and Meet Director Perspectives

In honor of the 2014-2015 competitive meet season beginning, twenty thoughts that go through your head before a gymnastics meet from the perspectives of a parent, a gymnast, a coach, a judge and a meet director: Parent… Are we late? My daughter will kill me if we are. Coffee? Please let there be coffee… Where […]

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Syndrome

If you give a writer a blank screen, she’s going to start to surf the web. And while she is surfing the web, she will buy some new shoes from the Nordstrom sale. Then she will want a new dress to go with the shoes. When she finds the dress she likes, she might notice […]

20 Things I Have Learned from 2 year-olds

  I’ve raised four of them (that picture is of my third daughter Carissa at age 2). And I see over a hundred of them a week at JAG Gym. This I will say about 2 year olds: they can teach us an awful lot about what it means to live a good life. Here are […]