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Should We Switch Gyms? 8 Ways of Knowing When It Is Time to Move On

Should we switch gyms? It seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions on gymnastics chat boards as parents struggle with the question of whether or not it is time to move on. Here’s the thing: Marriages break up.  Siblings stop speaking.  Life long friendships end.  So we should hardly be surprised that […]

It’s NOT My Life, But It Is An AWESOME Part of My Life: 50 Things that Everyone Can Benefit From by Being a Gymnast

Earlier this week, I wrote a post called Gymnastics Is NOT Life. The premise was that gymnastics should not be the center of either gymnasts or their parents’ lives. It went on to detail ten things that I wanted everyone to consider as important when discussing how central gymnastics is to their identity. The response was […]


Would you sign a petition banning “dihydrogen monoxide” if you learned that: it can cause excessive sweating and vomiting it is a major component in acid rain it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state accidental inhalation of it can be deadly it contributes to erosion it decreases effectiveness of automobile breaks it has […]

Don’t Freak Out, But Chances are Your Child is not going to be an Olympian

Don’t freak out. But chances are your child is not an Olympian. By one estimate only one one millionth of one percent (0.000001560845334%) of people on earth are. Don’t panic. But she’s not likely to graduate from an Ivy League school either. While the odds are better than being an Olympian, they still come in […]

Why I Opened JAG

No, I didn’t open a gym so I could wear sweatpants and a ponytail to work…well, not entirely anyway. As a child, the gym in which I grew up was a home away from home for me.  I realize how cliché that is, and it is, but nevertheless, each day I walked through the doors […]