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This is what gymnastics can do for kids! 

If a picture is worth 1,000 Words…then this video is worth at least 1,000,000 so I’m going to let this gem, written by one of JAG’s recent graduating seniors and set to video for our team banquet do the talking.  

Thank You, Rachael and All of the Other Surrviors

As I sit here in tears, tears of rage over what you endured and how many didn’t listen and even covered it up, tears of awe in your bravery, your courage, your resilience, your perseverance, your intelligence and your heart of gold, and tears of gratitude because you are the general of an army, an […]

Happy 13th, JAG Gym!

13 years. 156 minutes. 678 weeks. 4,748 days. 113,952 hours. 6,837,120 minutes. 410,227,200 seconds. 1,000,000,000 plus smiles on the faces of kids, their parents and our staff. 1 great community:  JAG Gym. Thank you to all who have helped us along this incredible 13-year journey.   And we look forward to an exciting 14th year! Happy birthday, […]

My Hero Gabby

As coaches and club owners (and even team parents), it’s easy to become attached to kids who are not our own children.  In fact, despite having four children of my own, I constantly refer to JAG gymnasts as “one of my kids…” when talking to friends which is super confusing to others who don’t teach […]

The Power of Yet

“I’m not good at this…” “I’m not good at this…yet.” It’s amazing how that small three-letter word—yet—changes the entire meaning and direction of the sentence. When we say we are not good at something, ending the comment there, we commit to a limiting belief and a fixed mindset telling ourselves that the trait is beyond […]

10 Reasons Why I Love Aimee Boorman

She understands what an incredible sport gymnastics is for all kids.   Aimee says, “I love watching kids grow. Gymnastics is more about life than just being a sport.  It teaches you about respect, dedication, time management, drive…I could go on and on.” She puts the child before the gymnast. According to the The Los Angeles Times Aimee […]

Guest Blog: Advice to Gym Parents, by Darrin Steele

Originally posted on FlipNotes:
Today’s guest blogger is Darrin Steele. He recently sent an email to the owner of the gymnastics club his daughter, Kalyany, trains at sharing his insights and thoughts as a parent in the brilliant sport we call gymnastics. While his thoughts are particular to Aerials, they are truly universal and could…

Can’t We All Just Get A Long?

Lauren Hopkins’ masterful dissection of the selection of the U.S. Olympic Team. It’s rough to knowing how hard these young women work to see the ones who get so close not get the nod.  But Hopkins is correct–can’t we all just get a long? Read her brilliant article: “Douglas is a good choice. Skinner would […]

Freedom and Responsibility

With freedom, comes responsibility–the responsibility to exercise the power that your freedom brings you in a way that makes you worthy of your autonomy and demonstrates the value you place on having liberty. Coaches, each time you have a group of children who you are instructing you have the freedom to create a lesson that […]

Is All Training Created Equal?

This is no real secret. The answer is in the training. It isn’t more hours, or more training, but the correct training. The athletes must learn how to train smarter, more efficiently. The coaches must continue to take the time to teach the skills correctly the first time and all the time. Source: Is All Training […]