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Nine Myths About Recreational Gymnastics Busted!

My child isn’t very coordinated so she should not do gymnastics. (You could also substitute strong or flexible for coordinated.) All the more reason your child should do gymnastics! Gymnastics works on those fundamental gross motor skills that all children need to develop to become physically fit. If my child isn’t going to be on […]

5 Simple Reasons Your Son Should Do Gymnastics (Even if He Doesn’t Want to Be a Gymnast)

Gymnastics is not just for girls. Not even close. Yes, the sport is considerably more popular among girls. But did you know that many regard male gymnasts as the strongest of all athletes? In Men’s Health’s list of the 50 fittest athletes, it is a gymnast who is ranked third, ahead of sports stars like […]

Reflections From the First Meet of the Season

For many gymnasts, this past weekend marked the first weekend of the competitive season for USAG compulsories. And our club was among those for whom this was true. The morning of the first day of competition, our director of the compulsory program, a coach with over twenty years of coaching experience, posted this on her […]

Welcome to Gymnastics: We Teach Kids How to Fail

Okay, hardly my best tag line ever. I would not recommend you use this in your future marketing plans. But it is true. As the school year kicks off and many new and returning students come into our gymnastics academies, embrace and own one of the things we do best: we teach kids how to […]

It’s NOT My Life, But It Is An AWESOME Part of My Life: 50 Things that Everyone Can Benefit From by Being a Gymnast

Earlier this week, I wrote a post called Gymnastics Is NOT Life. The premise was that gymnastics should not be the center of either gymnasts or their parents’ lives. It went on to detail ten things that I wanted everyone to consider as important when discussing how central gymnastics is to their identity. The response was […]