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7 Reasons Why Being In Sports As A Child Is Important

At JAG we’ve always said that we measure our success as a coaches and managers not by the number banners we put on a wall or even the number of NCAA athletes, international level competitors or even Olympians our club produces, but instead by the quality of young adults we help families raise. I know […]

An Open Letter to the Coaches who Comfort Their Gymnasts When They Struggle in a Meet

  Dear Coaches Who Comfort Their Gymnasts When They Struggle in a Meet, I want to thank you. I thank you for recognizing that your gymnast just gave it her all, came up short and still validating her worth as a human by giving her a hug and a kind word as she dejectedly walked off […]

The Single Most Important Thing Your Athlete Needs to Know

Do you know what the single most thing your athletes need to believe about their coach in order for them to work to their highest potential? It’s not that you know how to teach a perfect back handspring. Or that you know how to coach them through a tough meet. It’s not that you were once upon […]

Ask Me in Twenty Years…or Sooner

There are some weeks that I wonder if what I do really matters. I know that this sentiment does not make me a special snowflake. In fact, I am fairly certain that most of us consider from time to time how we should measure our efficacy and our success. In any case, for me, the […]

15 Lessons from Coach Wooden’s Ted Talk: The Difference between Winning and Succeeding.

I love Ted Talks, a series of short, powerful talks, all less than 18 minutes long, on a variety of topics that are always informational and often inspirational. If you are feeling sluggish or uninspired one day, take a few minutes to watch or listen to a Ted Talk and it will most certainly rev […]

20 Reasons Your Preschooler Should Do Gymnastics (That Have Nothing to Do with Learning Gymnastics)

What if Johnny never learns a cartwheel? Or how about if Janie never masters holding a handstand? Would there still be any value in putting your preschooler in a gymnastics class? Yes, I say. Absolutely, yes. In addition to it being a lot of fun, here are twenty reasons your preschool aged child should do […]

Your Actions are so Loud, I Can Barely Hear Your Words…And Eight Ways to Fix That

  Parents: Do you want to raise moral kids? Teachers: Do you care about what kind of people your students grow up to be? Of course you do.  Ask any parent if they want to raise moral kids or any teacher if they want the kids they work with to be awesome people, and the […]

Zoe, the Champion

Winning is so much fun! And this past weekend, JAG Gym kids had an awful lot of that fun… Thirty times individual JAG athletes took the gold, standing at the top spot of the podium. 94 other times JAG kiddos were on either the silver or bronze spot.  (That equals 124 medals  for those playing […]