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15 Ways to Motivate Your Athletes (Backed by Science)

“She’s just not motivated…” “He could be so good if he was just motivated…” “I can’t motivate her to work…” These are sentiments that I know many (if not all) coaches come up against at some point in their career: the unmotivated athlete. Too often, when a gymnast lacks motivation, the first solution the adults […]

Fun, Fitness and Fostering Character: 9 Tips to Make Youth Sports Great for Kids

Earlier this week, I was asked to contribute a blog post as part of a series curated by the editors of HuffPost’s The Tackle on the importance of youth sports.  Click here to read the post on the HuffPost or the text is below: Parent brawls, coaches who belittle athletes and the kids who are suffering from injuries, […]

You Might Have a Budding Gymnast If…

Gymnastics is a sport where kids can begin at an early age. But how early? Well, in some cases before they can even read…or walk.  You might have a budding gymnast on your hands if… This is how they get into their high chair: And into their crib: As well as out of their crib: If […]

“Hey Mom, Can You Stay to Watch My New Routine?”: And 9 Other Times Parents Should Watch Practice

Earlier this week I wrote a blog that included 10 reasons why parents should not watch practice. That said, I do not believe in banning parents from watching practice or even restricting the times where they can observe. While I understand that there are valid reasons to do so, it is a practice that leaves […]

Parent to Parent: How to Deal with Overly Competitive Parents

Do you have “those” parents on your child’s team? The ones who react like this when their kid wins the meet? The ones who thinks finding seats for the meet is a competitive sport? And who always coaches from the stands? Who has difficulty waiting for their child’s score to get posted? Not to mention their reaction […]

What a Frog Can Teach Us About Being a Parent to a Gymnast: 18 Signs You Might be on the Road to Being “That Parent”

If a frog is dropped into a pot of boiling water, it will most certainly jump out. However, if a frog is dropped into a pot of cold water that is placed over a burner that slowly heats it to a boil, the frog will remain in the pot, boiling to death. Before you think […]

20 Reasons Your Preschooler Should Do Gymnastics (That Have Nothing to Do with Learning Gymnastics)

What if Johnny never learns a cartwheel? Or how about if Janie never masters holding a handstand? Would there still be any value in putting your preschooler in a gymnastics class? Yes, I say. Absolutely, yes. In addition to it being a lot of fun, here are twenty reasons your preschool aged child should do […]

15 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sports Program

It’s that time of year. Time to sign up your child for new activities. Here are some things to consider before taking the plunge: Who wants to do the sport? You or your child? Is enrolling in this activity going to be more of an enhancement to or more of a stressor in the lives […]

But is this her thing? Parents’ quest to find their child’s talents and passions.

One of the first parent meetings I ever held when I opened JAG Gym, was with a clearly anxious, deeply loving mother who wanted to discuss with me the progress of her daughter who I will call Katie.  According to the mother, Katie seemed to love gymnastics and showed natural talent, but was often distracted […]