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10 Word Choices That Smart Athletes (and Their Parents and Coaches) Make to be the Best of the Best

A few weeks ago, I was counseling parents of an athlete at my gym. According to the parents, the daughter was considering “quitting” gymnastics because she believed that she was “sacrificing” too much to do gymnastics. “What do you mean by your daughter is sacrificing?” I asked. “I mean she sacrifices so much. You know, […]

Getting it right vs. having passion

Some might say she doesn’t get the dance steps right. (She doesn’t). Some might say she distracts the kids who are trying to get it right. (She does.) Some might say her behavior is disruptive to the show. (It is.) Some might say she co-opts the attention from the other kids in the show. (Yep.) […]

But is this her thing? Parents’ quest to find their child’s talents and passions.

One of the first parent meetings I ever held when I opened JAG Gym, was with a clearly anxious, deeply loving mother who wanted to discuss with me the progress of her daughter who I will call Katie.  According to the mother, Katie seemed to love gymnastics and showed natural talent, but was often distracted […]