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The Unlucky 7: 7 Setbacks Most Gymnasts Eventually Face (and How They Can Rebound from Them)

Resilience and grit are the best buddies of any gymnast, but are particularly tested when things go south. Stick around in the sport long enough and you (or your child/athlete) are likely to encounter many, if not all these ‘unlucky’ seven: Not Moving Up a Level. Despite your hard work, there remains an element or […]

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it? This is a question that comes to mind in many parents and athletes. It’s a valid question. Essentially it is a re-evaluation of goals and actions. It’s normal, even a good idea, to re-evaluate your goals in gymnastics. Including the goal to continue for another season.   Re-evaluating our goals allows us […]

Gymnasts: Keep Going!

In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day I share with you this amazing blog post by Molly Fletcher, My Letter to Every Girl Who Plays Sports (and Her Parents) “I see you running your heart out on the field and court, your braids bobbing, your face all kinds of determined to win. You love to […]

Gymnasts Salute: 16 Ways Being a Gymnast Made You a Successful Adult

  Someday she will perform her final cartwheel, back tuck or giant swing. There will be no more achievement ribbons to earn, compulsories or optional routines. No coaches wrangling kids into classes, and no judges in blue handing out scores. And the leotards will be tucked into storage or passed on to former team members. […]

What a Bank Ad Taught Me About Success

As I write this I am on a layover in London on my way to a yoga retreat in Greece. For those of you who know me personally, you can stop laughing now.  You see, I am about as “un-yoga” as a person comes. If Type A is a thing, I am Type A plus. […]

Welcome to Gymnastics: We Teach Kids How to Fail

Okay, hardly my best tag line ever. I would not recommend you use this in your future marketing plans. But it is true. As the school year kicks off and many new and returning students come into our gymnastics academies, embrace and own one of the things we do best: we teach kids how to […]

Gymnasts: Remember This When You Think You “Suck”

“I suck.” I think that most gymnasts at some point in their career say this to themselves.  If they are lucky, they say it only once or twice.  The less fortunate ones (me included) actually develop a voice that repeats these two syllables each and every time we fall short. Curious as to where the […]

9 Reasons It Is Hard to Let Kids Fail (and How a Butterfly Can Help)

“Let your child fail!” seems to be a common theme of parents education these days.  This blog included; educators across the nation urge parents to let their child fail. And if you are a parent, the very use of the word “fail“ next to the phrase “your child” probably takes your breath away at least […]

A Dozen Mindsets for Success

Talent is often the first attribute that people think of when they talk about what it takes to be a success. And, while talent is certainly useful, I believe wholeheartedly in the quote “Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.” In the end, it is the mental portion of how […]

8 Tips for Managing the Car Ride Home After a “Bad” Meet

If your child competes long enough in any sport, it’s going to happen. The dreaded bad meet or game. It may range from mild displeasure to major disappointment, but at some point you child will fall, strike out, not qualify, be benched, miss the penalty kick or whatever that leads to major post-competition blues. These […]