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The Importance of the “Soft” Stuff

Secret: I have a new favorite gymnast. She is 12 year old Jaymes Marshall. I first saw Jaymes when her vault from the 2016 JO Nationals lit up Facebook. And then I recently read this interview she did for Inside Gymnastics. In the interview, this very talented and highly accomplished gymnast was asked, “What’s some […]

12 Ways to Keep Gymnastics Fun for Your Child

The number one reason kids quit sports: it was no longer fun. Of course, some of sports no longer being fun is natural. Children’s passions and interests change over time. What a child enjoyed at 7 may not appeal at 11. And, as a sport gets more difficult or time consuming, a child may discover […]

A Dozen Ways for Coaches to Make Sports More Fun

Why should a coach make sports fun? Aren’t coaches supposed to teach sports skills, develop competent athletes and develop a winning mentality? Aren’t sports about learning life lessons like coping with failure, good sportsmanship, discipline and goal setting? Well yes, of course, but sports are also about fun. “Fun” is a complicated word for me. Look, […]