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The Unlucky 7: 7 Setbacks Most Gymnasts Eventually Face (and How They Can Rebound from Them)

Resilience and grit are the best buddies of any gymnast, but are particularly tested when things go south. Stick around in the sport long enough and you (or your child/athlete) are likely to encounter many, if not all these ‘unlucky’ seven: Not Moving Up a Level. Despite your hard work, there remains an element or […]

How Gymnastics Helps Your Child Succeed in School (Backed by Harvard Research)

  Harvard School of Education released their findings on their latest research project; and, they could have simply titled it “Why Your Kid Should do Gymnastics if You Want Them to Develop the Kind of Character That Helps Them Succeed at School.” Okay, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue…but it cuts to the core […]

20 Reasons Your Preschooler Should Do Gymnastics (That Have Nothing to Do with Learning Gymnastics)

What if Johnny never learns a cartwheel? Or how about if Janie never masters holding a handstand? Would there still be any value in putting your preschooler in a gymnastics class? Yes, I say. Absolutely, yes. In addition to it being a lot of fun, here are twenty reasons your preschool aged child should do […]

Not Winning? Then Change The Rules!

“What’s the score? What’s the score?” I pestered. You see, we were heading into the final hole of the miniature golf game, and I needed to know what score I was shooting for in order to win. (Yes, even at seven, I was fiercely competitive.) I was also, fiercely out of my league. Playing with […]

The Gift of the Rip

In her wonderful and wise book The Blessing of the Skinned Knee,  Dr. Wendy Mogel talks about raising resilient children in an age of entitlement. I love the book, and I love the title even more. Blessing of the skinned knee: taking what seemingly is unfortunate, even damaging, and using it as a moment to […]